MADAO's Mission:
is to alleviate poverty via three methods;

  1. The distribution of a basic income, in a currency with tangible economic value.

  2. The administration of a mutual aid network able to protect the most vulnerable among us from eviction, starvation, and other economically avoidable catastrophes.

  3. The stewardship of an e-commerce platform accessible to every aspiring entreprenuer.

How the Pieces Come Together

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Our DAO facilitates a democratic self-governing
system that sustains itself.


Members trade in goods and services
on the blockchain in $MADAO.

Universal Basic Income

Each MADAO Member receives a
monthly disbursement of $MADAO,
our community currency.

Mutual Aid Network

Our community members can support
each other's external life needs using
$ADA donations.

Project Details

About Us


“MADAO has given me the skills and resources that I needed to take my projects to the next level. The network has brought my vision into reality by providing a platform to trade goods and services coupled with a basic income.”

-Sarah Masih, Avid MADAO user and builder