Universal Basic Income

Unlocking the abundance all around us, MADAO distributes a monthly basic income in $MADAO to every member of our community. Our monthly basic income empowers all our members to be able to participate in our Marketplace every month, no matter what their circumstances. The legacy money paradigm disadvantages the poor, the disabled, caregivers, the elderly, creatives, andminorities, and causes harm by unjustly forcing many into wage slavery. A basic income allows one to live productively, and supports each of our freedom to enter into contracts for goods and services without having to consider the existential threat of financial ruin.

You may have heard of the Universal Basic Income, a non-means-tested, cash-driven solution to societal ills, in the context of a government-backed currency, but we do not have to wait for the political process to make our own currency. We will be using already existing cryptocurrency infrastructure, and building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization using smart contracts that can be utilized effectively by anyone with a smartphone, even the unbanked. By subverting exploitative middlemen and gatekeeper institutions, MADAO brings economic relief and entrepreneurial opportunities directly where they are needed most, operating without borders.